Still Waters Christian Boarding School

Affordable. Conservative. Christian.

Serving as a lifeline for parents whose child is sinking in the raging storm of life.

Who We Are

Still Waters Christian Boarding School

is an affordable, conservative, Christian home that serves as a lifeline for parents whose child is sinking in the raging storm of life. If you are losing your child to rebellion, anger, irresponsibility, apathy, or just plain poor behavior, we can help. We provide young people a safe, peaceful home atmosphere staffed by trained Biblical counselors and educators, offering your child opportunities to discover, or to recover, his or her proper course in life.


Our School is located in the back country of south-central Mississippi. We are a bit removed from the chaos of the fast-paced life that is so tragically claiming the lives of so many young people today. Situated adjacent to a beautiful private lake, that boasts some the best fishing for miles around, our young people enjoy fishing, swimming, and wandering the water banks, unwinding from the destructive burdens that are stealing their peace, joy and happiness.

"He leadeth me beside the still waters”

Psalms 23:2


We Provide

  • Provide an atmosphere where young people may be led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

  • Provide spiritual guidance that they may grow to Christian maturity.

  • Provide Christian leadership and a Christian home environment with a strong fatherly and motherly image.

  • Provide for them spiritually, academically, financially and physically.

  • Teach them practical life skills along the way.


Support Us And Change The Course Of A Child’s Life Today!

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